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Podcasting is a promising business. In the advent of 2016, people started to listen to podcasts, which awakens business entrepreneurs to engage to it.

If you are one of these goal digger individuals – someone who wishes to utilize technology and the great advancements of it for the benefit of business, podcasting plus the use of social media is the perfect combo to try.

How do you make use of Social Media Accounts?

  • Manual social media promotion

If you are aiming to target the global market, then put in mind that you should do the social media promotion 24/7. This is to make sure that you can reach the target audience all over the world.

  • Consistency in posting episode updates

New content in your channel attracts also new listeners. Also, for your subscribers, it will send them a message that you are committed to doing your job and that is to provide entertainment and information through your podcasts.

  • Pin your episodes.

Synch your episodes by pinning it to your social media accounts. Do not make it hard for your target audience to find you. Therefore, increase your visibility by providing them the links of your episodes, directly from your profile.

  • Make use of the share buttons

Wherever you will be pinning your episodes, be sure to provide an option that people can share your posts. Sharing multiple times, a day increases also your traffic and there is a greater chance that your followers will notice you.

Almost all social media have specific features that you could grab and avail in order to make sure that your podcast entries are shared in the virtual world. Make sure of these special features as many as you could as these buttons serve as portal for you to get more clients.

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