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It is very challenging for anyone to keep audience in a podcast. Some prefers to apply their own techniques in order to succeed in the business, while others opt to get a co-host in order to make the episode more enticing to targeted clients.

How to make sure that you get the perfect co-host? Here are some tips you can consider.

Get someone with a different voice.

This does not necessarily mean that if you are a female, the perfect co-host would be a male. That could work, but what I mean with this is that you should make sure that you have different timbers of voice in order not to sound monotonic to your listeners. With a different voice, your conversations would be pleasing to listen to and clearer to grasp.

Choose someone who is passionate about your topic.

What people would look forward to is the information that they will be getting from your podcast. In each episode, you can invite a co-host who is very passionate on that specific topic. You can even use their passion to advertise, highlighting their background or experience in that field.

Pick one who can carry a good conversation.

You are the main character, but once you have invited a co-host, make sure that the person is capable of passing the conversation back and forth. That is very important as podcasters main goal is to provide entertainment to listeners, next to providing helpful details.

A co-host can make or break your episodes. Make sure that you do the planning ahead of time so you can adjust to each other’s personalities and techniques, by creating a good outline on what you are going to say in the entire session of the podcast before you start recording.

With a perfect partner, everything can run smoothly as planned, and sometimes go beyond your expected outcome.

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