Review Of What Happened on PodFest 2018 - PodValley

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – Last February 8-10, Podfest Multimedia Expo took over, which was attended by independent podcasters (comprising from beginners up to veteran level). The event was organized with an intention to build and develop a network of podcasters composing an international community where the attendees could connect with others in exchanging ideas. That was already the fourth international gathering, which was flocked by thousands of podcasters.

Different invited speakers discussed about the main themes of the event, which are Monetization, Multimedia, Technology, Audience Building, Entrepreneur, and Social. Question and answer sessions were not missed and there were also varieties of events like demonstrations of the latest products and promotions of different services like workshops and panels.

Some of the highlights of the event were YouTube workshops, which discussed on how a podcaster could learn how to scale the subscriber based on the age of video content. There were YouTube influencers who led the activity. Another highlight was the talk of Katie Krimitsos and Jessica Kupferman of ShePodcasts, who have emphasized the power of women as great influencers in thousands of online communities.

Different tips were shared on the first day by the invited experts like why Sleep With Me channel has gained 1 million downloads each month. The innovation of bedtime stories and using these traditional instruments to lull the listeners to sleep was one of the valued secrets shared during the Expo.

On its second day, strategies on how to monetize podcast recordings were the highlights. They started the series of activities from dawn up to lunchtime and sharing of success stories happened in the afternoon.

The last day of the event was filled with different creative podcasting tips, wherein many beginners opened up their concerns on starting their journey, in exchange of the techniques shared by veterans in this field.

To sum up, the three-day activity was jam-packed with fruitful revelations, that attendees could utilize in improving their podcaster lives.

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