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Everyone will have different preferences when it comes to the genre of the podcast to listen. However, amidst these differences, some recordings stood out among others, which means that there were many who agreed that they are binge listening to.

The Habitat

Gimlet Media has captivated millions of listeners to their new slate of The Habitat, wherein they feature that most intriguing “fake planet Mars”, which took place in Hawaii. Six astronauts were trained and deployed to this fabricated planet as part of the experiment of NASA before sending in individuals to the real thing.


Many became very addicted to this recording of foreign correspondent Rukmini Callimach who dared to explore how the Islamic group ISIS operated and managed their recruits all across the globe. With the very addicting revelations, this was counted, as The New York Times must listen podcast.

I’ll Be Gone In the Dark

Suspense genre is never outdated. People do crave in solving murder cases, which is why this podcast became a hit. The published book served as the bait to lure the readers to listen to this audio file – feeling all the thrills of uncovering secrets.

Making Obama

This seemed to be a sequel of the miniseries Making Ophrah. Devoted fan of the 44th president has shared some wonderful insights on the life of Obama, the wealth behind his success and the deep wisdom of his outstanding leadership. Featured in this podcast are the documented interviews of Obama’s colleagues as they dig more into his personal life.

Late Night Whenever With Michelle Buteau

Many still cannot get over late night talk shows as their lulling music to sleep and somehow the final taste of entertainment for the day. What most listeners look forward to with this podcast is the surprise guesting of famous celebrities. House bands are also hosted during these audible shows.

What else can you add to the list? Have you listened to the mentioned podcasts above? Find some time and discover why others have been listening to them, which put these titles on the list.

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