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It is never enough to have your listeners finish your episode. You have some more and how you make them come back to listen again is very challenging.

What if they forgot to save and do not know how to find your channel? What if they do not like much your first entry, but you have a strong feeling that they could relate more to your next upload.

How do you reach them?

Send an email, regularly and your worries are addressed.

As easy as that, but taking this seriously with full commitment can change your podcasting career into the next level. Email marketing for podcasting was proven very effective. This is done to give updates to your listeners that another podcast is coming and this time, this will be the audio file with words they needed the most.

With so many topics you can cover in your podcast, surely, there will be more uploads to come and you cannot just lose a listener as the increased number will be your proof to the target advertiser that your channel is doing pretty well.

Emailing your listeners does not always have to be that you are announcing your new recordings. It could be you are making a request for a review and in exchange, the listener can have a free access.

Emailing your listeners can also mean that you are showing that you are real and you have the intention to help in sharing your wonderful words to them. It also builds a healthy relationship with your listeners.

Emailing your listeners gives you also the opportunity to get some text-based content of your podcast entry – a snippet of it perhaps, so that they will know what to expect in your next upload. You can also give discount codes for the products that you are promoting and those products that they might be interested in buying.

Emailing your listeners means starting a real conversation, gaining feedback so you can improve more and making sure that your listeners are happy for an hour or even just a few minutes with you.

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