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Podcasts people are now granted with their request. Apple has made it possible to track downloads, playback and drop off points of listeners to their recordings. For podcasters, this is a BIG DEAL.

Apple Podcasts are now enhanced with an integration of monitoring feature, which is beneficial for podcasters to have a closer examination of the listeners’ behavior toward their recordings. Just like any business, podcasters aim to improve more their influence to their listeners, to build healthy business relationships, in order to hit their podcasting goal of increasing their audience.

For podcasters who have chosen Apple where they will upload their recordings, this feature had been requested for a long time, yet only this year it was approved. Over the year, the company did not show any interest in offering analytics despite the growing subscribers who are into podcasting business.

Aside from granting the request, Apple redesigned the app, which enables the users to play trailers, as well as support new trending contents. The app can generate reports, which tracks almost everything about the podcast channels.

Inspire of this progress, Apple did not grant the permission to track users on an individual basis, which highlights their protection of privacy. The app can only track unique devices and provide accumulated data to podcasters. Even if there is a limitation on this level, the details that can be provided are still very useful for a podcaster than just by settling for numbers they get from downloads only.

For advertisers also, the data that could be gathered is beneficial for their part to know their perfect ad placements and to get information if listeners are tuning in or downloading.

The tables and charts will always have something to tell. This is already a great feature provided by Apple, that once used effectively, it can somehow help podcasters achieve their career goals in this chosen industry.

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