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You do podcasting, not merely just for fun, but most of the time in order to gain profit from this digital business. Of course, you would want to consider different strategies in order to drive traffic to your channel.

There are already many platforms now where you can market yourself. However, if you are still wondering if it is right that you should upload your podcast to YouTube, then be guided by these benefits in order to convince yourself.

YouTube has a lot of tools

This is very important thing to consider. If you would limit yourself to iTunes or Spotify, perhaps, you would end up being left behind by your competitors if they are using YouTube already. The exclusive tools from YouTube are very essential, especially when driving traffic to your channel since it is a Google product, therefore, how you utilize those tools can help you increase your visibility on the Google Search Results.

YouTube commenters are more active than in any other channel.

This is a good indicator that you are reaching your target audience. You can even comment back or add in your caption the other links to your other channels so you can earn from both ways. With the feedback that you are getting, it can also be the basis for your improvement and cater all the podcast needs of your listeners.

YouTube helps you in monitoring.

This is actually one great feature that podcasters love about using YouTube. The demographics of the audience generated by the system are very helpful details in coming up with any marketing scheme that can improve your online business performance.

With lots of benefits, it outweighs all the disadvantages that are linked in using YouTube for your podcast. With such great features, you can take advantage of all of it and make your podcast business run to success.

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