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Unlike blogging as a business, it is required to have several articles first before your site will be ready for publishing. In podcasting, as long as you already have two to three episodes you have recorded and polished, you should proceed to the next level and that is to create your playlist and find your audience.

You have options in publishing your podcast and top of it are iTunes and Spotify. You can also pick the route of publishing your works to your own website if you already have built a huge traffic. However, there is another way on how publishing your podcast can be done fast, secured, and effective.

Why You Should Try Podcast Hosting

For those who will opt to upload their podcast to their own websites, it is possible with the plugins in WordPress – the Blubrry. However, some technicalities will demand your skills. If you think that, you cannot handle those problems in the future, why not get a podcast hosting subscription and enjoy the following benefits – unlimited audio storage and unlimited bandwidths, embedded player, interchangeable advertisement, which can help you generate some revenue, starter website and more.

Podmio Can Offer All the Podcaster Needs

By choosing a hosting plan for your podcast, it means that you are entrusting your business to Podmio, which does all the work for you. It is just one subscription, but you can benefit from it exponentially out of your invested money. If the goal of your podcast career is to earn some money from it, marketing your works, and promoting it to different channels will be made possible with Podmio.

Instead of considering marketing strategies for your podcast career, you can focus more on producing wonderful recorded files because this hosting company will take care of the rest. You can always monitor the performance of your recordings to make sure that your subscription is not a waste of time and money.

Try it out!

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