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When creating a podcast, the target is to entertain the listeners. You will be recording your voice, with background sound effects to get the attention of your audience. Focusing on the audio quality is the priority, but another vital area that should not be missed out is the visual effects for your podcast cover art.

Take into consideration how your listeners will pick you over any other entries. Of course, the first thing they will choose is a podcast with a great cover art – something that shows authority with light visual effects, and pleasing to their sense of sight.

How do you make one?

Have a focus. Just like your podcast topic, it should have a niche. The same thing with your cover art, it should have a subject focus. If you prefer a minimalist way, still, it should have a focus – all arts do.

Consider your target listeners. This will be more on the age level. If your podcast targets the young people, bright colors for your background will do, while for the older ones, pale colors match their preferences with a clear label on what is expected on the recording. Some teens like the abstracts.

Labels are important. Written texts still matter when you create a cover art. These are actually the elements that listeners find once your podcast will appear in search results.

To make things easier for you, browse Fiverr and pick your choices. You can ask the creator of the cover art to personalize his works so that you can put your name to it or twist some of his designs to fit into your needs.

There are many ideas you can find from Pinterest boards, which you can also find in Fiverr products. Browse and find wonderful cover art concepts, mix and match everything to come up with the best one.

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