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Sometimes, it is about the editing software that can make or break your audio file. For podcasters who are Mac users, two of the most used software are Garageband and Audacity. Using both is a good move, but making the most of one can also make a difference in your output.

Beginners and professionals are always torn between these two available tools. For you to know the distinctions of each choice, this guide can help you.


What users love about this software is that it is always free to use. Since 2000, no fee was ever asked to use this tool, which is very convenient to use if you are on a low budget in starting your podcasting career. Aside from that, there are no compatibility issues when using the software. Whether you are using MacOS or Windows, or Linux, the editing and saving of files will be perfectly fine. There are also pre-installed effects with audacity, which you can put to add some life in your recordings. Asking help from a larger community of users is best possible with this choice of editing software.


This software is exclusive for MacOS as this is an Apple Product. What users love about this option are the third party VST plugins, which are very essential in improving the audio output. The sound quality is professional and outstanding as being described. All Apple computers come with pre-installed editing software, which is very accessible for anyone who wishes to try this tool. There is a wide range of digital audio interfaces, since the software is used for audio editing as well as music creation. Simplifying the music loop creation is best done with Garageband. One thing that Garageband can do that Audacity can’t do is the real time effects to an audio file.

The pick should depend on your needs for your podcast files. Explore each of this tool and discover what else it can contribute to your audio editing tasks.

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